Coronavirus Workplace Upgrade

The impact of coronavirus on my personal situation comes with a particular silver lining.

Unable to go to the office to work, I worked from home in London for a while. After a while, that was unmanageable and a solution needed to be found. The solution I came up with was to relocate the family to the countryside until this blows over.

More space, less virus, less need to interact with the outside world and a much more beautiful setting in which to live and work.

While there are plenty of ways in which the pandemic has made life considerably more problematic (not least the surreal incompetence of various governments in the face of a challenge, the management of which is at the very heart of their remit and their responsibilities), being in wide, sunlit open spaces is a definite plus.

My view has changed from this:

Photograph of the London Underground's Jubilee Line. The train's red double doors are directly in front and blurred as they are in the process of closing.
My Environment Before Coronavirus

to this:

The View from My Window

In my case, it’s a pretty decent upgrade.

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