Title Date Published Synopsis
Rare Gifts January 23, 2020 A strange man seeks an elusive shop to acquire a unique gift for his beloved. But can he be forgiven the price it costs?
What You Might Find December 24, 2019 A pickpocket is wrongfooted when he discovers something about his victim, and seeks to make amends.
Rewind December 3, 2019 Does reliving a terrible memory provide catharsis, or reopen and deepen old wounds? Can technology help overcome trauma?
Artificial Euthanasia July 10th, 2018 Perhaps, after the Singularity, AI will have other priorities than taking over the world.
Challenge / Response June 14, 2018 An old friend’s anger puts a young captain in the Royal Guard in an impossible position, forcing her to make a terrible choice.
Five-Second Martyr June 8, 2018 How long does it take to decide what you stand for? How many seconds before you have to make the only choice that will ever define you?
Machine Man June 5, 2018 How do you reclaim your humanity when it has been taken from you? Perhaps only when someone finds it and gives it back.