World of Skills is a series of episodic stories about an investigator called Darius Cricket, and his gifted but shy assistant Molly.

Darius and Molly specialize in investigating insurance fraud where someone with a Skill was involved. Typically, this involves theft, but occasionally there are worse crimes, especially when the police ask to borrow their expertise.

In the world they inhabit, certain people have developed abilities that defy traditional police methods. Teleportation, astral projection and influencing others are examples of what they might encounter.

The stories are free to my Patreon followers, and the first story is free to everyone, and I encourage you to read it and let me know what you think.

Story Index

TitlePatreon Link
Only the Wickedclick here
Anger’s Reflectionclick here
One’s A Crowdclick here
Infinite Happinessclick here

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