The Emancipation of Shadows

In my last post, I shared a short story I was particularly happy with, called “Shadows.”

I also explained in a previous post that this story had originally been very different. The first time I considered the concept of people losing their shadows, my imagination had taken me in a very different direction.

That original story, that I discarded because I wasn’t happy with it at the time, is available at the link below.

I thought it might be interesting to see how the same initial concept and basic building blocks can be taken in a completely different direction. The story, although it clearly exists in the same world as its twin, is nothing like it.

Rather than explain how, I’ll let you read the story, and comment below on which you prefer, and why, and what the stories mean to you.

One thought on “The Emancipation of Shadows

  1. Pandora

    I enjoyed the second story as much as the first, but for different reasons.

    I liked the idea of what a shadow stands for in “Shadows”. It had meaning and felt ‘important’. But I liked the main character more in “The Emancipation of Shadows”, because we get to know her better, and her strength is less in her ability to keep up appearances despite her concerns, and more in the actions she takes and how she grows when confronted with the possibility of losing her shadow.

    More like this please!

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