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I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer and I’d love for you to sample my work to see if it’s something that appeals to you.

You can read a few stories for free online (and you’ll find reference to these on the stories page of my website).

Below you will find links to two stories that are not available for free anywhere except by subscribing to my list. They’re each the first in a series of shorts.

Emily Voss

The Emily Voss short stories are an urban fantasy set in modern day New York. You can read the first in the series, “Past Mistakes”, by clicking below:

Download “Past Mistakes”, an Emily Voss short story by Nick Lavitz

World Of Skills

The World of Skills series is a collection of very short stories. Bite-sized enough for you to consume one in your lunch hour and still have time for a proper meal. They’re set in a world where people have begun manifesting Skills. Some are getting up to no good, others are trying to catch them, and people without skills are not yet sure how they feel about these gifted individuals living among them.

My protagonists here are Detective Darius Cricket, an investigator with an insurance company who specializes in Skilled heists, and his assistant Molly.

Download “Only the Wicked”, a World of Skills short story by Nick Lavitz